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A fun little bot to play Wordle

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  1. /wordle
    Start a new wordle a random word
  2. /guess [guess]
    Guess the wordle with the guess [guess]
  3. /customwordle [word]
    Start a new wordle for your friends where the word is [word]
  4. /wordlefixedlength [length]
    Start a new wordle where the chosen word has length [length]
  5. /setwordlist [pastebin key]
    Set the wordlist that this channel will use for future wordles. Generate a comma separted list of words with pastebin and pass in the pastebin key for [pastebin key]
  6. /usedefaultwordlist
    Revert back to the default word list
  7. /leaderboard (channel)
    Display leaderboard for the current channel. Optionally provide a (channel) to view that channnel's leaderboard instead
  8. /forfeit
    Forfeit the current round and see the solution